Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Bird becomes a bear.

So, the moment of truth has arrived.  One project has been finished, and another must begin.  This is always a curious moment.  The list of possible projects is ENDLESS, but time is finite.  Sooooo, do I make a gift?  Do I make a sale item?  Do I make something just because I want to with no intention attached to it whatsoever?  No, I do none of these things, instead I pick a wool a want to work with and let it tell me what it wants to be.  (I do not actually hear voices; I speak figuratively.) 
The next project will be a cuddly teddy bear, made from the down of a lama named Big Bird. I have never met Big Bird, but I met his human momma and poppa, and I've spent a pretty good amount of time fondling his down, so I feel we are acquianted.  I like to think that Big Bird would be happy to have a bit of himself morph into something sweet.   Let the poking commence!