Monday, February 20, 2012

Um, busy?

Busy, busy, busy.  Isn't that from a kid's movie?  Well, here I sit with a spinning head, and not much else currently spinning!  Things have been characteristically crazy here at Felt Well.  I guess that's par for the course for a full time working mom with a seriously huge amount of hobbies and a (small) business.

Happening recently, crochet, horseback riding (Yeah!), correcting, household item sorting and culling, more horse stuff (Yeah!), needle felting, spinning, and craft class prep.  I recently also sold my needle felted sun, which made me very happy.  Hopefully the person receiving it as a gift will be equally happy.

So, here is a pic of a recently commissioned sea turtle:

Once this little guy had swum off to his new home I started on a pretty little dragon whelp which is still in the works,  and I've been slowing spinning up some yarn:

which will eventually turn into something resembling this first skein:
though hopefully with a bit more yardage.

So, I hope you are happily busy, or not, according to your choice, in your life as well!  Time to get on to the next thing...