Sunday, May 20, 2012


Recently my fiber adventures have taken a dramatic and exciting turn.  I've done what I said I would never do and purchased a spinning wheel.  I did quite a bit of research, and decided on the Ashford Kiwi, based on numerous positive reviews and the attractive price point.

Here's my Kiwi when I brought it home from Webs:

Now, the Kiwi is completely lovely all on it's own, naked, as it were, but I discovered that people like to personalise their wheels with all sorts of lovely colors and finishes.  (Check out the thread on ravelry here: )  I decided to staint the wheel itself a lovely cherry color and paint in the Kiwi bird on the treadle with the same color.  I sealed the wheel with polyurathane, then I waxed the whole shebang with Ashford teak wax. (Which smells delicious by the way.)

Isn't she pretty?  What's most amazing is I've taught myself to spin on her!  Thought it might be fun to do a little video for the curious.  Apologies in advance for the shakiness.  It was a family affair and my little one was the videographer.    Enjoy!

Just in case you were worried that this means no more felting, never fear! One hobby is never enough. I recently finished this little lion,

and am hard at work on a unicorn.  Happy days to all!


  1. Good choice on the Kiwi. My daughter and I both have them and it's a really great wheel. Love the color you stained it. We haven't decided on color yet.