Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Bird becomes a bear.

So, the moment of truth has arrived.  One project has been finished, and another must begin.  This is always a curious moment.  The list of possible projects is ENDLESS, but time is finite.  Sooooo, do I make a gift?  Do I make a sale item?  Do I make something just because I want to with no intention attached to it whatsoever?  No, I do none of these things, instead I pick a wool a want to work with and let it tell me what it wants to be.  (I do not actually hear voices; I speak figuratively.) 
The next project will be a cuddly teddy bear, made from the down of a lama named Big Bird. I have never met Big Bird, but I met his human momma and poppa, and I've spent a pretty good amount of time fondling his down, so I feel we are acquianted.  I like to think that Big Bird would be happy to have a bit of himself morph into something sweet.   Let the poking commence!

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  1. Great intro to your new blog, Amy(looks super too)! You've got my attention. I'm all about an artist going with the flow of her medium...bring on some of your beautiful woolin'!
    - Dina


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