Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big Bird's little bear plays!

He's done!  Big Bird's downy coat proved to be just the thing for this little guy.  I'd love to make a million little creatures from Big Bird's down.  It's sooooooo soft that I could touch it for hours.  It's a very comforting feeling.  I  really enjoyed making this bear.  He seems to have a happy dispostion and I think we all could use a little more happiness in our lives, right?

Once he was done I pondered him for a while.  Sure, he was soft as all get out, and he was cute as a button.  Something was missing though, and it took me a few days to figure it out.  He wanted to play in the snow.  Once I made him a snowbank he was happy as a clam.  His only other request?  Why, he needed a scarf of course.  I wet felted him a little holiday scarf and he was all set.  As I type, he's getting a good cold back scratch!

That's the latest from Woolydom.  Have a great week!Holiday Teddy Bear on Etsy

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