Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wildness in Woolydom

     Ever feel like if you have to remember to do one more thing your head will just EXPLODE?  Well, that's right about where I am now.  It would be a happy explosion, sort of like celebratory fireworks, but my smarts would still be spewed around the room.  Seriously, I LOVE the holidays, particularly now that I have children, but I'm so afraid I won't get everything done on time.  Rational me says, "Now, now, take a deep breath. You've managed to get it all done before.  Perhaps some meditation would help?"
     Wild 'n Wooly me screams back, "ARE YOU INSANE?????  I have to felt 20 more soaps, wrap EVERYTHING, bake two pies, do last minute grocery shopping, finish a photo album, felt a pup, felt a loon, work all week, host Christmas Eve (only 6 people, but I'm on a roll), do the laundry, and SLEEP, I do not have time for meditation!"
     Ahhhh, the joys of the season. BRING ON THE EGGNOG.  And, add a little something please.

Happy Holidays!

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